Improve your English pronunciation

E-book, online English course and blog for a better understanding of how to improve your English pronunciation in the easiest way!


English pronunciation is irregular: English dictionaries have a word-by-word explanation on how to pronounce words. Discover an easy and intuitive way to understand irregular pronunciation of English vowels!



Vowels have irregular sounds in the English language. Discover a way to understand sound consistency, thus letting you speak in a confident and natural manner.


Use this technic to enrich your English classes, with great results in the short term. A revolutionary method that will surprise you, guaranteed.

About the book

ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards Finalist!

English is the international language of the modern world. In fact, there are more people learning it as a second language than there are native speakers For a non-English speaker, learning English can open the door to new horizons and many opportunities.

However, learning English —in particular, its spelling and pronunciation— can be extremely difficult. It’s even more so for a student of English as a Second Language (ESOL) who may be used to specific spelling and pronunciation rules in his own language and may be wondering, “What exactly are the rules for English?”.

This new edition of the book explores the history of the alphabet and its adoption by the English language to help understand the peculiarities of its use in the spelling of its words.

An entire section was added describing each basic vocalic sound and the corresponding position of the mouth, using specific diacritic symbols to indicate them. New exercises were added to allow the reader to get familiar with those sounds and mouth positions, helping him or her improve his pronunciation in a relatively short time as compared to other systems.

Improve your English pronunciation!

English has at least 16 different sounds for its vowels! Learning to differentiate these sounds is key for communicating fluently with native speakers or understanding movies and series without the need for subtitles. Knowing the different vowel sounds is a clear advantage in achieving an advanced English language level.

For many people around the world, vowels are simple and easily recognizable from one another. The English language requires adaptation in people’s phonetics to a wide range of vowels, which on top of that are inconsistent with the writing rules. Sounds can’t be memorized independently, but word-by-word. Through this revolutionary technic, you can learn different sounds that can significantly help you to speak more fluently. A crucial tool in order to better communicate with others in English, in your professional environment, or when traveling.

About the author

I was born in Lima, Perú, and completed my studies in Computer Science at the National Engineer University and Lima’s Catholic University. I’m currently living in Tampa, Florida, where I work as a Software Engineer for a multinational company. Since I was young I was fascinated by history and languages, as well as by mathematics and engineering, which pushed me to break down the intricacy of European languages.

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Comments of those who finished the PhonicSense English course focused on pronunciation
speak for themselves!

Very interesting, it would be useful to add this course to schools’ curricula, or at English institutes.

Miguel Calderón

PhonicSense's student

Very illustrative, it has a lot of facts that I didn’t know beforehand, which helped me a lot to understand English pronunciation. It’s really helpful for fluency and confidence.

Lautaro S.

PhonicSense's student

I believe that English pronunciation is very important, and this course is very good!

Ana Lucía C.

PhonicSense's student

I learned new tips to improve my pronunciation. Very interesting.

Marco Álvarez

PhonicSense's student

Very illustrative, it allows students to learn the reasons of English pronunciation.

Giovanna García Torres

PhonicSense's student

Original content, and excellent exercises.

Juan Losno

PhonicSense's student

The course makes it easier to understand English pronunciation at listening.

Hugo Calderón

PhonicSense's student

It’s very handy, and it allows you to improve your fluency in English in order to achieve optimal pronunciation. Thanks!

María Luz Basurto

PhonicSense's student

I found it excellent because it provides the tools in order to improve English pronunciation, and it makes it easy to understand when listening to native speakers. Thanks!

Dina Layme

PhonicSense's student